A bit of basketball

Story by Kaia Monaco – Assistant Editor


   As first semester comes to a close, girls basketball is just getting started. The team has had a promising start to the season, thanks to both new and old players. 

   “I’m most excited about seeing our veteran players interact with our newcomers. It’s always fun to see what each new season brings,” Tricia Lillygren, head coach, said. 

   The team has been working hard in practices and giving their all in their games. This is evident as, since their first game on Nov. 30, the girls have won five games and lost only two. 

   “Our energy has been excellent in practices and in games,” Lillygren said. “We have been working very hard and embracing each day that we get the opportunity to be on the court with each other.”

   Despite the successes this year, there have also been difficulties. The team has dealt with exposures and positive cases of COVID-19, as well as multiple game cancellations and reschedules. However, dealing with the pandemic has not been as difficult as in the past. 

   “This season is different [from last year] in that we haven’t had to quarantine the entire team after exposure now that the vaccine is available,” Lillygren said. 

   Unfortunately, the team recently lost their game against Liberty, and the two games following were canceled or postponed. However, the team turned this momentary bad luck around as they won 71-58 against Lee’s Summit West. Hopefully, this good streak continues as they play their next game on Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. against Blue Springs South at home. 

   “Each season is an adventure and we have the opportunity to grow together along the way,” Lillygren said.