A Look Into the 2022 Winter Sports

Story by Emma Brents – Staff Reporter

With winter sports starting up, Lee’s Summit North’s girl’s swim team is working hard to balance the responsibilities of their high school swimming and club swimming. Competing with not only other schools but their personal time as well.  

   Although North’s girl’s swim team started small, it grew when it was decided that the students that swim club can now participate in the school’s swim team as well.  Because of this new rule, Lee’s Summit North has a full swim team this year, and at least one swimmer knows she isn’t quitting any time soon.  

   Abigail Fry is a sophomore swimmer this year and she’s on both the high school swim team and a club swim team.  Even though she is having to turn most of her attention and time to the school’s swim team, she is still able to work hard for both teams.  

   “I usually do North 3 to 5 and then my club swim team, Empire, 7 to 9,” Fry said.  

   Swimming is scored a little differently than other sports, the girls compete going slowest to fastest and compete against other swimmers. While talking about stereotypes, Fry says that many she hears aren’t true. In fact, they can be the opposite.  

   “There’s a lot of stereotypes about how all we do during swim practice is lay around on pool floaties or swim is a fun easy sport.  That’s not at all true,” Fry said.  

   While swimming is a passion, Fry isn’t quite sure if she wants to continue swimming after high school or go into other dreams of hers. Either way, Fry says swimming has an effect on the decision.  One of Fry’s favorite moments in swim was when she won the 200 meter freestyle against Blue Springs South. 

   “When I won it, I was swimming my last 25 and I could hear everybody at the pool cheering and, as soon as I touched the wall, everyone screamed and jumped up,” Fry said.

  With the girls working hard, there will be no doubt that the rest of the season will be just as great as the start.