LSN Wrestling Team

Story by Giorgia Risoldi – Staff Reporter


Wrestling is one of the new sports that Lee’s Summit North is hosting during the school year.

   “I like wrestling because it’s a tough sport and makes you more confident with your body,” Dylan Beck, sophomore, said. 

   Mick Cronk, history teacher, is the wrestling team’s head coach and the team practices every day from Monday to Friday, from 2:45 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

   Wrestling seems like a sport that only needs fights but actually is much more complex. 

   “To be a better wrestler, I would say, just make sure you are eating healthy and avoiding junk food. Stay in a positive mind because you’ll win sometimes, but you also lose, and whenever you lose it’ll get to your head no matter what you say,” Dylan Beck said. 

   The common thought is to imagine wrestling as individual work instead of team work: “as a team we should be a little bit more encouraging with each other with tips and stuff,” Beck said.

   The team actually means a lot to the players. 

   “Sometimes you have to work as a team, and everyone has to put a lot of effort into it to reach the best for it,” Jacopo Fiorese, senior, said. 

   Lee’s Summit North has seen every kind of opponent, strong and easy to beat. Blue Springs High School seems to be the strongest this year.

  “I faced a guy from Blue Springs High School and, I think, it was my third match and I think that was the strongest opponent I played against,” Fiorese said.

   Other teams like Rockhurst have a different reputation. 

   “I think Rockhurst is one of my favorites because they’re easy to beat,” Beck said. 

   There are also little things to do before starting a match at the tournament: first of all, the team arrives and takes seats, then they weigh all the players. After that, they have breakfast because they can not eat before being weighed. When the tournament starts, they are called based on their weight and coaches assign them an opponent. 

   “In the first tournament we won the second place and the first place was won by a very strong team from Kansas City, so I think it was a good second place,” Fiorese said. 

   Students even started wrestling for friendship. 

   “I have enjoyed this season and I would say that my favorite part doesn’t actually come from the wrestling but more from the teamwork that kinda goes into it and the friendship bonds that kinda get started,” Beck said. 


Photo courtesy of Jacopo Fiorese.