The Supervised Business Experience

Story and Photo by Abby Langle – Editor-in-Chief

  Senior year offers many opportunities for students that they do not get their other three years of high school. The Supervised Business Experience (SBE) is an example of one of these opportunities where students can work a job during the school day at an LSR7 school or area business and get paid to do it. 

   Being a part of the SBE program can allow students to not just make a little money, but also build connections and see what it is like to work in an office work-type environment.

   “I work in the guidance office in the morning during hours one through four. My favorite part is being able to help people. I can help the counselors with different projects and help students make appointments or get snacks and drinks,” Ashley Paul, senior, said. 

   SBE jobs don’t have to be at North, allowing students to travel during the day. The program will work with those interested to get the right fit for them. 

   “Jobs that qualify for the SBE program are jobs that students will spend 50% of their time on technology or doing office type work.  Students can work in the district or off-campus. In the past there have been students working at LSN, BCMS, LSR7 District Offices, Rockhill Orthopedics, Internet Design & Publishing, Blue Ridge Bank & Trust, Custom Eyes, and many more,” Christina Wiseman-Buckner, business teacher and SBE coordinator, said. 

   To get involved with the program is really easy and there are only a few requirements.

   “Students have to be a senior, have 90% attendance, a 2.5 GPA, and good credit standing to allow for release time. Students also need to commit to the same job for the entire school year,” Buckner said. 

   For students wanting to participate, there is an application process to be part of the SBE program.  First students fill out the online application at, the application can be found on the LSN website.  Once the students are approved for the program, the interview/job placement begins

   If you or someone you know is interested in being involved in this program you can reach out to Ms. Buckner or talk to your counselors.