Growing a Mindset of Leadership

Story by Selah Wheeler – Staff Reporter

 Are you a student who wants to get involved? Do you love opportunities to practice leadership, give back to your community, and spend time with like-minded individuals? Then there’s a club for you!

   The Student Activity Advisory Council (SAAC) is a leadership development program that meets once a month. Students gather to discuss community service opportunities, read articles on leadership, and work together to grow as leaders. However, the group didn’t start out as this.

   “It was more of a social thing and less leadership/service project-oriented,” says Mike McGurk, Assistant Principal and Activities Director at North. “So, we have changed it over the years. I think it is important to expose kids to leadership skills and teach them how to be leaders. It is a lifelong skill that will assist the members through college and life.”

   SAAC had their most recent meeting Thursday, January 27th, in Elliot Hall. They met during lunch, and they covered topics such as their last community service project at Coldwater, and how to rework a few strategies to accommodate COVID-19. They also discussed the leadership book the group has been reading together through the year and will talk about their next community service opportunity.

   “Our next leadership service project is Food Service Appreciation Month- where members of SAAC will help clean up after lunches and bring in treats for our nutrition service workers,” McGurk explains.

   This is just one of many service projects SAAC participates in. They grow in community with each other while helping the community around them. McGurk says his favorite part of working with the club is “watching the development of our student leaders [and] see them start to understand the importance of servant leadership”.

   The next SAAC meeting is Thursday, February 10th in room 2120. To learn more about the club, visit the Lee’s Summit North webpage and look under the activities tab. It’s a great opportunity to get involved at the school and in the community!


Photo courtesy of Mike McGurk


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