The Shortino Family in LSR7

Story by Areesa Steele – Staff Reporter


The Shortino family spreads throughout the LSR7 district. Right now, there are three Shortino’s that are staff members of LSN: Mandy, Ryan, and Matthew Shortino. The resemblance between both of the brothers that work at LSN is quite similar, but the Shortino family doesn’t just stop there.

   “Mom (Sharon, now retired), Dad (Larry, Miller Park), twin brother (Michael, LSW), sister-in-law (Aubrey, Trailridge), me, brother (Matthew, LSN), wife (Mandy, LSN) sister-in-law (Emily, LSW),” Ryan Shortino, teacher associate, said.

   The connection between all of the Shortino’s that work at LSN has shown throughout the years. They appreciate all of the many things that they can do while working together.

   “I know exactly how to get ahold of them when I need them. We can work out things a little easier because we know each other,” Matthew Shortino, industrial tech teacher, said.

   Despite what some may think, there are many advantages to having your spouse work in the same building. 

   “After getting married, it’s been really nice being in the same building because we can ride to school together, we can help each other out, get things done or accomplished together for our lives outside of school. It’s very convenient,” Mandy Shortino, English teacher, said.

   The favorite Shortino at the school differs for each of them, but the brothers agree that Mandy Shortino is pretty cool.

   “I am my favorite Shortino at this school. I guess my wife is pretty cool also,” Ryan said.

   The Shortino’s each have different reasons why they enjoy working and being a part of the community at LSN.

   “Truly, the North community is the thing I love the most. This was my first professional job right out of college, I met my husband here, and have made some of my dearest friends in this building. It is a special place for me. Another thing I love the most about LSN and my job is working with and getting to know hundreds of students over the years. I love when they come back to tell me what they’re up to,” Mandy said.

   LSN has provided many opportunities for meeting new people and engaging with students. It also has provided chances to become a part of the sports programs.

   “[I love] working with family and working with the kids. Coaching is also pretty awesome,” Ryan said.

   Yes, LSN is an amazing place to work at, but sometimes it can be challenging for the Shortino’s to be seen as people separate from their family.

   “I just sometimes wish people knew me for being a great English teacher, not because I’m ‘one of the Shortino’s’!  But, the Shortino’s are all great people and educators, so I don’t mind that so much,” Mandy said.

   The Shortino family in general has made such an impact in the LSR7 community. Even more, the Shortino’s that have worked at LSN have made a huge impact on the students.


Photo courtesy of Shortino Family


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