Nerf-War Tradition Continues at LSN

Story By Areesa Steele – Staff Reporter


The LSN Nerf War is a way for students to get connected with each other and have fun. Many students choose to participate in it each year. Every team needs to have, at most, seven team members. The rules are very simple:

“Must get your kill on video etc,” Samantha Garcia, senior, said.

With the Nerf War starting after spring break, students and their teams need to sign up fast. The deadline for the Nerf War is March 18th. 

“Rounds begin at 12 a.m. Monday morning and conclude at 2 a.m. the following Sunday morning,” Garcia said.

There are many different places where teams can gain points. Some specific areas are off-limits. The off-limits areas are explained with the rules on their Twitter.

“It’s all fair game with the exception of off-limits areas like LSR-7 grounds and games/practices, etc,” Garcia said.

Throughout the week, teams experience challenges. Some challenges include attacking and being attacked. Being attacked or having a team member being attacked can lead to a team member being brought back from the dead.

“There is at least one revive every weekend to bring one player back from the dead, an item will be placed by judges in which anyone can pick up,” Garcia said.

The Nerf War is an exciting time for students. Teams are recommended to make it fun and to spice it up. The winning team wins prize money.