Track season has begun

Story by Kaia Monaco – Assistant Editor

As the seasons begin to change from winter to spring, the school sports change along with them. Winter sports are out and spring sports are in, including track and field. However, track and field truly started months ago. 

   “We began conditioning work before winter break and our core group of guys have been showing up regularly,” Eric Davis, head boys coach, said. 

   There is a lot of preparation that must happen before the season can start, so everyone can be ready. While everyone mostly focuses on leg work, athletes prepare differently for their different events. 

   “The distance people have been putting in their miles all winter and will be ready to go,” Davis said. 

   This preparation is not just for the students, but for the coaches as well. 

   “I’m actually refreshing my knowledge of the pole vault since I will be coaching it again for the first time since I was in grad school.  In addition to that, buying new warm-ups, starting blocks and all of the stuff you need to do to get kids prepared to compete and then win,” Davis said. 

   Despite all of the preparation, there will still be new challenges to face with the new season. This year, there are a lot more new athletes than in recent years. However, this has happened before, and the team has made it through. 

   “It will take a month or so for kids to get used to the workload and how meets work…we have a great coaching staff so that makes everything go pretty smoothly,” Davis said. 

   The team and the coaches are all very excited about the start of a new season and the development of some new athletes. As the season progresses, coaches are excited to see how students improve. 

   “I always look forward to just coaching kids in a sport that I love.  It is so much fun to watch athletes develop over the course of the season!” Davis said. 

   Track and field practice starts Monday, February 28, and will continue through to about the end of the school year.


Photo Courtesy of Andi David