Bronco Cafe Serves Students and Staff at LSN

Story & Photo by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter

   The Bronco Cafe is the best place for students to get affordable coffee. Since the cafe first opened, dozens of students buy coffee every morning. 

   “We definitely have more business in the summertime when it warms up because everyone wants to get the iced coffee. But we get a good amount of students in here,” Brooke Johnson, life skills teacher, said. 

   The cafe is run and organized by the life skills students at LSN. So, for any person who wants to work in the cafe, the only way is to enter the life skills course. The life skills students have operated the cafe since the opening in 2018, with the help from teachers or sponsors. 

   “We opened 4 years ago, the year before covid started,” Johnson said.

   The Bronco Cafe has been the home for morning coffee. Maybe sometime in the future, the cafe will expand and also sell muffins, brownies, etc, but while we wait for the cafe to expand, coffee is just fine. The cafe offers students and staff an arrangement of coffee from hot to cold. So no matter what weather Missouri throws our way, the Bronco Cafe will always have the right temperature of coffee every morning. 

   “Right now we are cash only but we are in the process of getting a card reader set up,” Johnson said.