Springing into the new school year

Story & Photo by Abby Langle- Editor-in-Chief

With the 2022-2023 school year just around the corner, spring enrollment conferences are almost here. This year LSN offered two dates for parents and students to meet with their mentor teacher and talk about next year’s schedule together. On Tuesday, March 8, they will be holding in-person conferences and on Thursday, March 10, they will be holding online conferences. This way, students and their families have the option to choose what works best for them.

   “Due to COVID, we decided to offer both in-person and online options. I think with the success of doing more virtually, it has become easier for parents and staff to conduct these types of meetings,” Mike McGurk, Activities and Athletic Director, said. 

   Normally teachers would sit in the commons and the students and parents would find their mentor at a table. This year things will look a little different.

   “Usually teachers sit together in the commons to conduct their conferences, but this year, teachers voted to stay in their classrooms,” Robin Gray, guidance counselor, said.

   Since there have been many changes in the past couple years, hopefully we can start to see some things going back to normal.

   “I imagine we will always have a virtual option.  As well, if teachers like staying in their classrooms, then this will probably become the norm versus sitting together in the commons,” Gray said.

   Having an in-person and an online option this year has helped many families be able to attend conferences. This year there are about 671 students signed up for in-person conferences and 571 signed up for online conferences.