Boys Tennis Starts a New Season

Story & Photo by Giorgia Risoldi – Staff Reporter


Tennis practice started two weeks ago and the players practice from Monday to Friday, from 2:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

   During these first practices, the players are working on some of the things they could improve, like movements and techniques. 

   “To be a better player, I think I have to work on my back hand because that’s a weak part of my body that I need to train to get better. I could also work on my serves so they can be faster and more accurate,” Marco Meade, senior, said. 

   The players are working to establish some consistency and build a foundation of skills and strategies to apply as the matches begin in late March. 

   “The practice lasts about two hours and a lot of the drills involve a lot of running and a lot of collaboration and communication with the coaches and the managers and it’s very tightly structured, there is no time wasted,” Meade said. 

   The team includes a lot of seniors and new arrivals.  

   “We bring back a strong group of improved players as well as several newcomers who have jumped in and started fast,” Stu Reece, tennis coach, said. 

   Based on the practice, there are a lot of expectations this year for the players. 

   “We are hoping to compete in every match and give ourselves a chance at the postseason,” Reece said. 

   Even if the expectations are high, there are always some strong opponents to face. 

   “I think Liberty and Rockhurst might be good opponents to face. Their tennis players are pretty strong and some of them have played it for a long time,”  Meade said. 

   According to this, the matches will be a challenge, but the players have their own strengths. 

   “One of the best parts about the sport of tennis is that every player has his own unique strength and one of the biggest challenges is learning how to play your matches about your strengths and not allowing your opponent to attack your weaknesses,” Reece said.  

   Seniors’ participation is very present this year between the players. 

   “We have a good group of returning seniors who have brought strong leadership as well as serving as a good example for many new players,” Reece said. 

   Boys tennis season is starting off a great start, with perfect weather and a bunch of hard-working guys out for the team.