Scrimmaging into the new season

Story & Photo by Areesa Steele – Staff Reporter


The girl’s soccer team is one of many different families at LSN. Tryouts are a long process for the girls, involving many activities that last one week and ending in the result of who made the team.

   “Our tryout process will be about four days long. We put the Girls through a variety of activities to observe their technical and tactical work within the game. We move girls around and group them together differently so we can see them matched up against a variety of players,” Ryan Kelley, soccer coach, said.

   For the girls, the tryout process isn’t easy. Tryouts involve a lot of scrimmaging, passing, dribbling through cones, and running. The outcome of being able to play with the girls and creating a family is deserved.

   “I really love the girls on the team because they feel like family. We all support each other and we all push each other and motivate each other,” Ann Boehnlein, junior, said.

   The girls’ relationships with each other is a big part of the team. There are many different positions that the girls play.

   “I play right outside back,” Ann Boehnlein said.

   “My favorite position to play was a Central Midfielder,” Kelley said.

   The excitement for the season is just beginning. Each girl is excited to meet their specific goal for the season.

   “My position usually doesn’t score that much, but I would like to score more this year,” Ann Boehnlein said.

   The season goes by a lot faster than the boys season does. Even though the girls’ season is short, the memories and relationships created will last a long time.