Preparing for Prom

Story & Graphic by Kaia Monaco – Assistant Editor


  With the end of the school year approaching, many important events come with it, such as the academic awards, sports banquets, and — a student favorite — Prom. An event as big as Prom takes a long time to prepare for.

   Prom planning is changing a little this year, as there will be a new coordinator: Michele Holt, FACS teacher. She will be taking over for Jessica Benus. 

    “It takes a few months to prepare for Prom, work began in January,” Michele Holt, prom coordinator, said. 

   Aside from putting together the dance itself, there are many things that must happen behind the scenes before Prom takes place. 

   “We have been…looking at the venue… and preparing items such as hiring the DJ, working on the setup, food, and decor,” Holt said.    

   All of this work is made much easier with the help of many students and staff. 

   “We have staff assigned to work at Prom which is always a huge help as well as the Advanced Interior Design students this semester,” Holt said. 

      Other students are also included in the preparation for Prom, as the student council gets to vote on the theme of the dance. 

   “The theme is ‘Viva Las Vegas’ [this year],” Holt said. 

   Last year, Prom had to be adjusted to fit Covid restrictions. In order to keep students from having to wear masks the entire time, the dance was moved outside to the football field. Students signed up to stay in “pods” of up to ten people and had to stay in their “pod” for the whole dance. 

   However, for this year, “Covid should not affect prom at all [this year], unless numbers rise and then we would need to wear masks.  But at this time, we should be fine,” Holt said. 

   Prom is Saturday, April 30th from 8-11 p.m. at John Knox Village. Tickets will be on sale the week before.