NHS Serves School and Community

Story by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter


As the year comes to an end, it is time to start looking towards next year. This includes the induction of the new members of the prestigious National Honor Society. NHS is an organization formed of people who are dedicated both to their education and their community. 


“In order to join NHS, students must be preparing for their senior year at LSN; they must also meet requirements tied to each of our four pillars – Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.  In addition to having a weighted cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher and enrollment in one weighted course, students must also show evidence of character through faculty recommendations and disciplinary checks, experience with leadership in our school and community, and a history of involvement with community service,” Sarah Courtney, Social Studies teacher and NHS Sponsor, said. 


   The NHS is a top quality society dedicated to helping those around them. 


The NHS is very involved in both our school and local community!  Students participate in service projects at LSN throughout the year, including maintaining our community garden and orchard, directing parents at Back-to-School Night, Parent Teacher Conferences, and Spring Enrollment Conferences, helping facilitate Plan Your Future Day, and doing improvement projects like painting and planting flowers on campus,” Courtney said.


 One of the main community service projects NHS sponsors is the annual blood drive.  Students 18 and older are able to donate blood during the school day. 


“Students also hold an annual blood drive here at school to encourage the student body to engage in service through blood donations.  Off campus, our students help at monthly Friends Days through Coldwater, helping to deliver groceries and needed household goods to area families,” Courtney said. 


NHS students also help out in the Kansas City metro area, collecting donations and working with local businesses and organizations. 


They go to the KC Pet Project to help with animals in the shelter; they work at Harvester’s, prepping food to send to community food banks; and they partner with Project Happiness LSMO to encourage and bring more kindness to the city through positive signs.  The students also do a collection drive each month; we’ve collected toilet paper and paper towels, hygiene products, holiday gifts for teens served by Coldwater, shoes for Think Kindness, canned food, and pet supplies,” Courtney said.


   The NHS is always looking for bright minds to mentor and help grow. Some might think the NHS is just a club for smart people. But they would be wrong, the NHS is a society of people trying their best to grow their lives and the lives of the people around them. 

I wanted to join the NHS because it is a good way to gain certain experiences and I am able to help my community in the process,” Sophia Jones, junior, said. 


   Though getting into the NHS is not the easiest task to do, it all pays off once you’ve claimed your spot for the future. After each student has been recognized for their achievements they have an induction ceremony to claim their spot in the NHS. 


The induction ceremony is a time for formally recognizing the accomplishments of our members that earned them eligibility for National Honor Society.  Students and their families will hear about the history of LEON’s chapter of National Honor Society and the four pillars expected of our members.  Then, each student will say the pledge, promising to uphold the four pillars of NHS.  Last, all students will be recognized by name, and they will receive their membership pins and cards,” Courtney said. 


    Being a part of the NHS helps with all sorts of scholarships and helps students have a better chance of getting into the college of their choice/dream. 


“I think it will help me in the future by giving me experiences that many consider credible and it can also go on my resume for future jobs,” Jones said.


Photo courtesy of NHS