The New Finals Schedule

Story by Emma Brents – Staff Reporter

For the first time, it was announced that freshmen through junior students’ final testing schedules are May 26th-27th.  The 26th are classes one, three, five, and seven, then the 27th are classes two, four, and six.  


Kennadie Anderson, a sophomore this year is taking a mix of normal and advanced classes and has already been exempted from her English final because of her score on the EOC.  Even though the schedule change can be beneficial for the school it still has the possibility of being stressful.  


“I think the negative effect of us having a schedule change is it’s really really stressful, especially since finals ultimately make it worse,” Anderson says.  

Anderson also expresses how it could also make students really anxious about the finals.  


Although Anderson thinks that the reason the school decided to change this is because it would be easier for the students. Teachers, and schools to finish everything quicker.  And also just less time to stress over everything and instead be able to get it done the last two days students are here.  


Anderson advises students that small brain breaks, good rest, eating, and getting fresh air when at home is important and will help with anxious students. 

When choosing the finals schedule it wasn’t a complete admin decision and instead one teacher from each subject is picked for school wide decisions.  The school’s final schedule is also still in development and this isn’t the ideal schedule. 


“Interestingly enough we have been talking about a different style finals schedule for probably the last 8 years,” Dr. Meisenheimer says.  


The end goal with this is to make sure that not only are students getting the most time out of studying but also so that teachers avoid movies and free time for an entire class period.  And to make it to where the last time you go to that class is to take the final. 


Meisenheimer says that anything can happen when it comes to students and some become more stressed out than if the school took three days.  But it’s still clear he wants to look more on the optimistic side of things, also saying, “you can get an extra day to study and more time to relax,” he said.  


Meisenheimer is trying to push away from the more ‘traditional’ schedule and thinks that this year the school isn’t quite there yet but next year it could be there.  He also thinks that the time has come to where students could start having a voice in these things.