Dr. Moore – New Assistant Principal

Story by Abby Langle- Editor-in-Chief


 Steve Moore has been in the education field for 13 years, but this will be his first year working in administration. Previously he has taught at Pleasent Hill High School, Independence and Kansas City schools teaching middle school or high school English. He has been working in the LSR7 school district for the past 4 years. In the 2022-20223 school year we will be welcoming Dr. Moore to Lee’s Summit North as a new assistant principal.

   Growing up you get asked many times what do you want to be and often kids will say an astronaut, a firefighter or chef. Being a teacher doesn’t cross many of the kid’s minds.

   “As a kid, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be. I was always creative and curious, but I didn’t have one thing I was fixated on as a future career. In college, I was a chemistry major and did undergraduate lab research in the summer. It was during that time I was exposed to teaching because I was a TA for my favorite professor. Eventually, I chose English over science and found the best fit for me. I did not have this dream of being a teacher but it definitely became the right thing for me as I learned more about myself and where I fit in this world,” Steve Moore, new assistant principal. 

   Dr. Moore wasn’t always from Kansas City but spent most of his time here. He graduated from Blue Springs High School and then went away for college but found his way back home to Kansas City. 

   “I was born in Minneapolis but grew up here in the KC area. I graduated from Blue Springs High School. I started out in Sioux Falls South Dakota at Augustana College where I majored in chemistry originally and got exposed to teaching that way as a lab assistant. I eventually finished at Missouri State where I did my masters and I just recently finished my Ph.D at UMKC,” Moore said.

   Dr. Moore’s favorite thing about working in a school is getting to know the kids and their stories, watch them grow and be there for them and to cheer them on. He is excited to get involved and dive head first into everything at North. 

   “I can’t wait to start visiting with clubs, attending concerts and plays, and cheering on all of our Bronco sports teams. I was a band geek in high school and Mr. Kuhlman was actually one of my teachers at Blue Springs, so I will definitely be visiting the marching band early on,” Moore said. 

   Big accomplishments take lots of perseverance. Dr. Moore has accomplished many things, and all have taken time and dedication. 

   “I finished my doctorate last year. That was a pretty big deal, I spent eight years doing that and when I started that I didn’t have any kids and went full time and then slowed down when I had my children, my wife and I, then finishing that during a pandemic was exciting so I would say that is probably one of my biggest accomplishments. I ran a marathon once too and it was really hard and I haven’t done that since and that was about 10 years ago,” Moore said.

   Everyone has a hero, it could be someone who is close to you or someone famous you don’t know. Dr. Moore has read lots of articles and biographies and the one person that sticks out to him is Fred Rogers.

   “Fred Rogers. From the trademark cardigans to his joy and care for kids, Mr. Rogers embodies the kind of person I aspire to be. I don’t just mean the person he portrayed on his children’s show, but the way he lived his life doing small, intentional, and authentic acts of love and his rituals of kindness for others,” Moore said.

   Dr. Moore has already accomplished so many things and we can not wait to see what else he accomplishes at Lee’s Summit North. He will make a great addition to the bronco family next year.