Changes Within LSN- New Principal, Dr. Tim Collins

Story by Talon Cleveland – Staff Reporter


Dr. Tim Collins was a part of the Lee’s Summit North staff for fourteen years. He was a teacher for six years and an assistant principal for eight years. Dr. Collins was not part of LSN staff this year because he was serving as the Director of the Secondary Online Academy during the time. But Dr. Collins will be back next year as the main principal of LSN.

“Being around the students and staff again.  In the past year, being the online director, most of my interactions were online, so having the personal connection with everyone in the building again is what I’m most excited about,” Dr. Collins said.

Dr. Jeff Meisenheimer has been the principal at LSN for several years. 

 With covid, there were some complications and some things weren’t able to survive through it. Like bronco time, there have been multiple restrictions that were difficult to handle.

“I hope Dr. Collins lets us sit in the library and lunchroom during bronco time. And a longer bronco time and passing time wouldn’t hurt either,” Marianna Cleveland, sophomore, said.

As Dr. Collins begins his first year as principal, students and staff can expect new procedures throughout the school. 

“There won’t be a lot of radical changes right away.  LSN is in a great place right now thanks to our staff, students, and Dr. Meisenheimer.  The biggest change students will see is with the bell/daily schedule for next year.  We will be moving back to a modified block schedule similar to what we did a few years ago.  Lead teachers and our staff made this decision by vote earlier this spring.  We will now have daily days on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  That will be followed by block days on Thursdays and Fridays.  We will still have mentoring on Mondays and Bronco Time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Other than that change the only other changes students may see right away are the new staff members we have hired,” Dr. Collins said.