Project Grad — Seniors last night as Seniors

Story by Bailee Council – Staff Reporter


Project grad is one of the most looked forward to days for seniors. Getting to see their class and fellow classmates one last time and making a memorable piece in their lives. The event is at LSN after graduation on May 21. Project grad will be held from 7 /8:30 – 1:30 am. Tickets will be available on sale through the 17th in rooms 2303 and 2126. 

The main point of project grad is to keep students safe after graduation from drugs and alcohol. 

“ The reality is that after you walk out these doors you most likely won’t ever see these people again,” Jenifer Beemer, project grad sponsor, said. 

Throughout the night seniors can expect to see a lot of prizes, good food and a mechanical bull, and above all else a great time with the class of 2022. 

“ It feels crazy, it doesn’t feel like it should be the last day and I feel like it all went by so fast,” senior Brady Hill said.