Learning to Adjust

Story & Photo by Mia Fuller – News Editor



   Adjusting to new things can be challenging, and for Sereniti Kreisel-Reid, senior, it’s no different. For the past three-in-a-half years Reid has been doing online school, but at the end of last year, she made the decision to switch back to in-person school. A drive to do better in school is what first inspired Reid to make the switch to in-person school. 

   “I thought it would be a good experience to come back to school and make sure my grades were up and possibly meet other people,” Reid said. 

  Experiencing such a drastic change, and adjusting to all the ins and outs of in-person school has been a bit difficult. 

   “It’s been hard, especially not knowing anyone. I’ve [also] had to adjust not following my own schedule,” Reid said. 

   Though even with its structured schedules and early wake-up times, in-person school does have its benefits. Reid particularly enjoys modern global issues with Justin Collis and spending time with her new friends. While there has been a period of adjustment Reid seems to be settling into in-person school quite nicely, balancing: school, work, and spending time with her friends. 

  “Luckily my classes do not have much homework, so I get to spend my afternoons how I wish,” Reid said. 

  While the school year has just begun it seems as though Reid has already started the path to a successful senior year.