The Broncos Start a New Season With Fired Spirit

Story & Photo by Bailee Council – Entertainment Editor


On August 26th, hundreds of Lee’s Summit North students, decked out in frat wear, made their way out to Liberty North to cheer on their Broncos football team.  Fans and football players left the stadium disappointed with a 17-7 loss. However, football players are using their loss as momentum for the rest of their season.

   Obviously I didn’t want to lose but losing created like a fire in our team to realize that it’s not going to be as easy as we thought. I think that loss is going to fuel us for the whole season,” Kade Williams, Senior, said. 

   Along with this momentum, players have poured in hours of hard work and dedication to prepare for this season. From long practices, repetition, workouts, and conditions, to the hours spent practicing on their own time, players feel prepared for the rest of this season.

   “Starting in January, and having all the guys in weight class so that they are lifting 4-5 times a week, and then at night, we can worry about the conditioning. This spring we were allowed to practice a couple of days a week, so all these things, workouts, extra workouts conditioning, practice, all of it, prepare us all the way until we get to the summer where we have scrimmages, we run, and conditions 3 days a week, that is what prepared us for now.” Jamar Mozee, Head Coach,  said.

   But there’s only so much practice that a team or player can do. What’s more important is unity and teamwork, whether it’s already there or if that unity could be stronger. 

   “We could always be more of a family because that’s the best way to win, to be together, have each other back, and trust one another,” Mozee, said.

   Moving on and fixing the problem is what the team plans to do continuing through the season, hoping to get back to the team they know and feel they are. With so much potential throughout the team, it’s up to them to decide if they want to reach that potential or not.

    “ I’m just excited to see what our team can do,” Williams, said. 

As we go deeper into the season, one of the team’s biggest goals is bringing LSN to the state championship. Only three games into the season and we are 2:1.  

   “Our attitude in general needs to change and once that does and we get our minds right, set on what we want to do, then I think it’s going to be pretty easy from there,” Williams said.

   Hopefully, the Broncos can start a winning streak from the Park Hill South, and Staley game throughout the rest of the season, achieving that goal.