Beating Kansas State Champions for a Homecoming Win

Story by Lily Temple – Assistant Editor

  The 2022 LSN Homecoming game meant another victory for the Broncos making their record 4-1. For the class of 2023, this game was a great way to spend their last homecoming season.

   The Broncos faced the Blue Valley Northwest Huskies on Friday, September 23. The Huskies won the Kansas State Championship last year which made them one of the fiercest competitors on our schedule. Winning such a close game, 40-34, made the student section a very fun place to be.

   “The homecoming game was super exciting and was definitely one of my favorite games I have been too! Winning a game so close really just made the whole night better because it kept everyone at the game and cheering on our team and just shows that our football team really has the power kick in the second half,” Abbie Kane, senior, said. 

   The game was constantly going back and forth with two interceptions by LSN to secure the lead in the fourth quarter. 

   “The best part of the game was probably towards the end of the 3rd and beginning of the fourth quarter because we were going back and forth with touchdowns and field goals scored and I was really happy we won,” Kane said. 

   The Broncos really showed their ability to keep it together and fight until the very end. They didn’t let missing a few points stop them from fighting back for the win. 

   “It felt really good [to win the homecoming game] and I am glad the boys got us a win. It was a great game and was a good way to go out with a band for senior year,” Kane said.

  The Broncos got to enjoy the exciting win this past Friday and are hoping for another as they take on Ray-Pec this upcoming Friday.


Photo by Abbie Kane