Dusting Off the Curtains

Story & Photo by Mia Fuller – News Editor

Autumn is here. Leaves are falling, pumpkin spice has returned to Starbucks Cafes across America, and the curtains are being dusted off for LSN’s fall musical: Matilda. While the cast is busy memorizing lines and perfecting their dance steps, the crew is already getting ready for opening week. 

   Though, one crew member’s work is already done. Sophia Jones, senior, is the scenic designer for this year’s fall musical. All of Jones’s work took place over the summer,  her job was to help plan out the backdrops of the musical. 

   “My duties as Scenic Designer is to help bring the locations in the script to life. I read the script, come up with an image for the set, research and pick out colors, create renderings.” Jones said.

   Although Jones will still have to be around in case the show’s director, William Palmer, needs her assistance. 

  A desire to expand her skillset is what inspired Jones to go out for scenic designer. Jones’s tenure as Matilda’s scenic designer have definitely differed from Jones’s work on past plays due to the fact that Matilda is a musical. Mainly in typical plays, there is one set piece but musicals such as Matilda require many more moving pieces. 

   “We have a plan to have 4 main set pieces, all of which are to look like books. The colors are very bright and colorful and the combinations are very unique,” Jones said. 

   While Jones is already seeing her work come to life, Alex Grider, junior, is just getting started.  Grider is making his debut as the musical’s stage manager. Grider has been involved with LSN’s theatre community since last year’s production of Cinderella. A desire to challenge themselves is what first led Grider to take on the role of stage manager. With this new job comes new responsibilities that Grider has to manage. 

   “Mainly taking attendance, but also playing music and moving around props. Later on I’ll be reading out lines for people when we go off book,” Grider said of his new responsibilities. 

   Even though Grider has to attend every rehearsal he is still able to find downtime during the rehearsals to work on any schoolwork he may have. And luckily for Grider despite the busy schedule stage manager requires he has found the whole process enjoyable so far.

   “It’s more calm than I expected, and I like getting to hang out with the cast a lot. I don’t have a ton of friends on props, but I do have lots of friends on cast, so it’s been a lot of fun,” Grider said. 

   Slowly, but surely the musical is coming together with all its moving pieces behind the curtain with the help of people like Jones and Grider. Make sure to come see their work pay off when Matilda opens up its curtains on October 28th, 29th, 30th and November 4th and 5th 2022.