Softball Players are Hard at Work

Story & Photo by Kate Gerding- Staff Reporter

   Softball season is in full swing. It is already halfway through, but the players are still going strong. May McCoy, a senior on the team, shares her experience with the team this year. 

   Although the players haven’t had much success through the start of the season, they are staying positive.

   “We’re working on it, we’re getting better,” McCoy said.

   Before each game, they have a routine to get prepared and warmed up. 

   “We do pregame, which is like outfielders throw to the infield and we do ground balls and we run plays,” McCoy said. 

   There are some big games coming up in the next few weeks, too.

   “Conference is coming up…and in two weeks districts start,” McCoy said.

   As it happens every year, seniors graduate and people need to fill the gaps. There was a very strong group of seniors that left last year, but McCoy is confident that the team can work together. 

   “We’ve just gotta find the positions that work best and put the best players in the best positions, and regroup the team chemistry because we lost a lot of girls,” McCoy said. 

  For anyone interested in joining softball, her best advice is simple.

   “Try out. Actually do it because you’ll have fun and it’s a fun thing to do,” McCoy said.