Costume Crew Moves Toward the Opening Day

Story by Bailee Council – Entertainment Editor

  For the last two weeks, parts of the theater, and crew started to work and prepare for the upcoming play on Matilda, it will be shown October 28-29 at 7 pm, October 30 at 2 pm, and November 4-5 at 7 pm. Meeting every Tuesday from 3-6, the costume crew has been challenged to make most of the costumes by hand. 

   “I’m the most experienced student in the class when it comes to sewing and fashion design, I kind of become an extra teacher, teaching people how to do that. Helping with our coordinator to create designs, and just kind of bring things together,” Emma Brents, junior, costume chief, said.

   The costume crew so far has started working on the ties for all the uniforms. They all have to be sewn from scratch and right now it’s going pretty slow since we had to focus on just ten of them for the upcoming parade.

   “It’s sorta a 1-2 person job and hard to get everyone working on them because we only have a few of each supply we need to cut and sew them.  We’re also working on trying to figure out if we should rent or buy the uniforms, and then a couple of other pieces that are being hand done,” Brents said.

   With a boost of responsibility, Brents juggles teaching other students and helping the coordinator so that things come together, and sending messages throughout the crew.

   “I think the biggest challenge so far would be my inner anxiety. But it’s a leadership position and it’s just different,” Brents said. 

  As the year eases into the fall closer to opening day. Brents helps lead the costume crew move along with the upcoming show and adjusts to her new role.   

Photo courtesy of Mr. Palmer