FCCLA Opens Opportunities for Students

Story & Graphic by Bailee Council – Entertainment Editor

   From September 21 to September 23, $250 was raised on cake pops sold and made by the FCCLA. It’s rumored that this year will be the biggest year yet for the FCCLA at LSN. With so many opportunities and paths for students all from a singular club, this is a chance for students to get involved.

   “My mom actually, told me I needed to get involved with something, so I started looking at the clubs. When I saw FCCLA I thought I sounded cool so I joined. It was just kinda random, but I’m enjoying it,” FCCLA president, Bailee Sanderson, said.

   With so many opportunities for students, FCCLA  gives kids the chance to get community service, meet kids who are not in their classes, and also participate in competitive events that are not sports related. They can still earn recondition, and win awards through star events, all through talents they may have. Whether it is cooking, sewing, or so much more. It opens a door for non-sports-related competitions. 

   “We want to benefit the community through community service, helping the school with different fundraising. Mainly it’s a way for kids to get to know each other, to be involved but mostly doing those things together,” Holly Sanders, FACS teacher, said. 

   To follow the excitement with the cake pops, students are currently brainstorming ideas for the upcoming fall holidays. With Thanksgiving and Halloween right around the corner, students are eager to see what FCCLA comes up with next.

   “So far what we have done is just the cake pops and that honestly was fun, a lot of people got involved and a lot of people joined because of that. I just want to do more things like that,” Sanderson said. 

   The depth of FCCLA goes so much deeper than what the outsiders may see. Students learn life skills, human services, and even volunteer work. They have a chance to attend social events, Star events, and even the Fall Leadership Conference in Tan-Tar in the Ozarks. 

   “A conference where there are speakers, little break-out sessions on how to be a better leader within your school, and how that applies to FCCLA. Kids will get to meet other students from the area in Missouri and they would also go to those breakout sessions so they can apply what they learn in school and be better leaders in school,” Sanders said.

   Any student who has taken a facts class of any kind is eligible to join FCCLA. They will have the opportunity to grow and learn important life skills. Plans to serve at harvesters, learn generosity and selflessness, exploring downtown KC. This is just the beginning for FCCLA!