Annual Dig for the Cure Game

Story & Photo by Areesa Steele – Social Media Editor

 Every year there is a volleyball match to support cancer awareness. This year Lee’s Summit North and Lee’s Summit West rivals played each other in the Dig for the Cure game raising money for the Stephanie Vest Foundation representing cancer. 

   “We usually raise money to give to people who do research about cancer. This year we are raising money to do kind of the same thing. We’ve been doing it for a very long time. For the past four years I’ve been here, we’ve been in it every year,” Riley Deshay, senior, said.

   Just before the dig for the cure game, we lost one of the members of the LSN community, Mrs. Brown. This year the volleyball girls wanted to honor her and the impact she has had on so many students, families, and faculty of LSN.

   “We are doing something special in honor of Mrs. Brown for this year. My team and I are representing Mrs. Brown because she has been my teacher and impacted us all,” Deshay said.

   Throughout the game the girls thought about honoring Mrs. Brown, other people and family members who have been affected by cancer. The girls fought hard but fell short ending the match 1 set to 3.