Change Arrives at LSN

Story & Photo by Mia Fuller – News Editor


After almost a three-year-long hiatus the opportunity to attend and join clubs during Bronco Time has returned to LSN. With the return of clubs, some new ones have made their way onto the roster, including the Muslim- Student Alliance (MSA). The goal of MSA is to create an inclusive space for those who are a part of the Muslim community and its allies. 

   Kennedy McEnany, senior, a founding member of MSA wants to encourage people to join the newly-founded club.

   “Even if you don’t understand or agree with our message, come to a meeting and ask a question, any question. Muslim Student Alliance is for Muslim students and allies of the community. We invite curiosity and open-mindedness,” McEnany said. 

   Despite the fact that MSA has only just started, they have a clear plan on where they want to go and what they want to do. 

   “We have a few fundraiser ideas in the works including providing aid to Pakistan and Iran due to the injustices occurring there currently….we would love to do a bake sale and a potluck with our members in order to raise money and awareness for our cause,” McEnany said. 

   The MSA is not only looking to make a change in other countries, they are also making steps to create change in the local community. The alliance has plans to meet the school board so students who celebrate Eid (the day to celebrate the end of Ramadan) can have the day off as the district has 15 days off throughout the year for Christian holidays. 

   MSA already has a group of over 40 strong, but they want to constantly encourage people to join at their bi-monthly meetings. The road to achieving just even the beginning of equality has not been easy, fellow founder Hafssa Ouazzani (senior) initially set the motions for MSA last year but ran into difficulties.  When McEnany found out about the difficulties she knew she had to react.

   “[there was] difficulty fortifying MSA at LSN due to excessive hoops and walls…I was furious and immediately talked to Dr. Meseinheimer to get things going,” McEnany said.

   Three weeks, some paperwork, and one sponsor later MSA was ready to make its long overdue debut at LSN. Even though McEnany and three other founding members are seniors, she has faith that Saira Ali (junior) will continue on the legacy of MSA.

   “We are confident that MSA will continue to inspire students long after we graduate…MSA is a waterproof wildfire,” said McEnany.