Upcoming NHS Events

Story & Graphic by Mia Gatti – Sports Editor/Feature Editor

  NHS is an organization that allows seniors here at Lees Summit North to provide to their community and school by showing strong characteristics of leadership, scholarship, character and service. This group does an amazing job at working hard to make their community and school a better place. 

   It takes a lot of time and preparation to get ready for service projects and get them done well.

   “The members of NHS prepare for service projects by having our committee chairs coordinate with the organization we are serving to make a plan for the event, including when and where we will serve as well as how many of our students are needed.  We then use our monthly general meetings to recruit volunteers for our events and to provide details about the events to members,” Sarah Courtney, NHS Sponsor, said. 

   Not only does this organization spend a lot of time and commitment providing service, they have fun working in their community and providing for others. 

   “I feel very privileged to work with so many young adults who are growing in their ability to identify ways that they can give to their community and then make plans to carry out service events.  The members of National Honor Society are simply great human beings who desire to use their greatest resources – their time and energy – to make the lives of others better,” Courtney said. 

   It is very hard to keep up with everything NHS is preparing for, there is always a new project they are working on. 

   “October is a busy month for NHS! On October 22, we will working at Coldwater’s Friends Day to help serve lunch and help community members to pick up clothing, household goods, and groceries. On the 24th, NHS students will be helping behind the scenes to set up for and tear down after the LSR7 College Fair at John Knox Pavilion. Then, during Parent Teacher Conferences, NHS students will be serving the LSN staff by delivering treats and snacks to teachers’ doors during conferences,” Courtney said. 

   If you are an underclassman interested in being a part of NHS as a senior, this is not something you want to pass up. An opportunity to work with your fellow classmates on projects that will help change lives of other people.