Get to Know Mrs. Palguta

Story & Photo by Abbey Euritt – Staff Reporter


 After four years of teaching at Lee’s Summit North, Leza Palguta, a sophomore English teacher, has many positive things to share about her career at LSN and her life before being a bronco. Before Palguta lived in Lee’s Summit, her home was Amarillo, Texas. The long move from Texas to Missouri has given Palguta many opportunities to experience a different culture than she was used to. 

   After visiting Missouri, the Palguta family favored the city of Lee’s Summit and moved when the opportunity came.

   “My niece was here when we visited, and we really liked it, and all of our family had moved out of Amarillo, so randomly, my husband got a job offer from Kansas City,” Palguta said.

   A significant factor in Palguta’s life is her family and friends, which she values tremendously. 

   “Family is my number one. I love my family more than anything, as well as my friends and students, who are very important to me,” Palguta said. 

   Outside of spending time with the people she values, Palguta enjoys reading and crafting.

   “I read all the time; reading is my life. I also craft and do quilting or create stuff,” Palguta said.

   Being an English teacher is something that Palguta takes pride in, and she enjoys seeing her students’ progress. 

   “When kids come back and say that they remember something they got from me, and it has made a difference in their life [is an accomplishment for me],” Palguta said. 

   After years of teaching, being a teacher has shaped her life in admirable ways that take part in her life. 

   “It has made me more thoughtful, and in the last couple of years, I’ve been working on how I speak to people and the power of our words,” Palguta said.

   As she continues to be devoted to her student’s success and cherish her teaching moments, she constantly has a positive impact on the well-being of her students.