The Scoop on Matilda

Story by Mia Fuller- News Editor

  The curtains are drawn, the auditorium has been swept and the book’s been closed. Matilda the Musical wrapped up its final performance on Sunday, October 30th. William Palmer, musical director, reflects on the overall final outcome of the show. The show saw a lower attendance the first weekend of performances, but attendance picked up the final weekend. 

   “We saw more people come out the second weekend, and I think that is because word about the show spread more after the first weekend,” Palmer said. 

   While it is always nice seeing the final product, some of the best moments happen off the stage for Palmer. One of the highlights being when Emilie Sula-Goff, junior, who played the show’s titular main character was able to get a photograph with LSN’s Aaron Layendecker’s, Spanish teacher, daughter, also named Matilda. 

   Plays of any kind, especially musicals, require weeks and weeks of preparation both inside and outside of school. Matilda the Musical is no different. Rehearsals and meetings for both cast and crew started all the way back in early September before culminating in the October performances. The work paid off in the end though according to Palmer. 

   “I am proud about everything. The students did amazing both onstage and backstage. The performers gave it 100% every show and tech crews performed their cues cleanly and problem-solved beautifully,” Palmer said. 

  With Matilda the Musical over, the next step for Palmer is to start focusing on the production of Abigail, For Now which premieres this spring.