Macho Madness Volleyball

Story by Mia Gatti –  Feature/Sports Editor

  The annual Macho Madness volleyball tournament on Thursday, November, 17th was a huge success. Students at Lee’s Summit North made teams of six to compete in this fun volleyball competition to raise money for a great cause. All proceeds from the tournament go to the Lee’s Summit Education Foundation for the Lola Rose Memorial Scholarship. 

   “Coach Moses was our volleyball coach and she had a child die at birth, so this event was created and its main purpose is to fund the scholarship,” Mike McGurk, Athletic Director, said.

   This year we had four male teams competing at a chance to play against the girls’ varsity volleyball team. The girl’s varsity team has never lost in the Macho Madness competition and this record still stands. “The Dirty Half Dozen” played the girls in the end and fell short. 

   “Every year the kids have so much fun, and every year the student team thinks they have a chance against the varsity team, and every year they lose,” McGurk said.

   This event is not only about the fun but, this year they raised approximately $500 for the Lola Rose Foundation to help others.