A Look into Girls Basketball Training

Story & Graphic by Lily Temple – Assistant Editor

Winter sports have just begun here at Lee’s Summit North. As of last year, girls practice players were added to the girls basketball team’s training. Many people might not know what a girls practice player is, but it is a great opportunity for LSN boys.

   “A girls practice player is a male volunteer that goes to practice and helps the girls team. We scrimmage and help the girls with drills,” Brennan Anderson, senior, said.

   Brennan was a practice player last year and decided to participate again this year. Anyone can volunteer by contacting Coach Lillygren. The practice players participate in drills and scrimmage against the team in order to provide competition to the girls. It is a great way to earn community service hours. 

   “I enjoy being a girls practice player because a lot of my friends are practice players as well and we get to have fun playing basketball together,” Anderson said. 

   In addition to helping better the girls basketball team, practice players get to hang out and enjoy the sport with no pressure. If you like basketball and have some free time after school, you should consider becoming a girls practice player next winter.