A look into the Future at Herndon

Story by Bailee Council – Entertainment Editor

Herndon Career Center, allows students to explore careers and opportunities they may not have thought about before. A common trend in high school students is not having a plan for the future, LSN is again giving students that outlook with a tour of Herndon, on November 17.

   “ We have taken kids on this tour before, but when covid hit and all the restrictions started we were no longer able to go. This year is the first year we are able to go again,” Counselor, Robin Gray, said. 

   With so many programs: Transportation and Logistics, Industrial Technology, Creative Services, and more, for a variety of careers Training high school and post-secondary students enables them to get the technical skills, knowledge, and work habits necessary for successful employment and continuing education.

   “ I know I want to go into nursing, but I just want to know if that’s for me,” sophomore, Shonnah Mulinazzi, said. 

   For almost 50 years now, Herndon had helped so many students find their way to a fantastic career. With the hope to introduce young students to the possibilities Herndon holds, LSN students await was there is to learn.