Fans Follow World Cup As It Progresses

Story & Graphic by Abbey Euritt – Staff Reporter

  This year the FIFA World Cup, held in Qatar, is played from November 20 through December 18. There are 32 teams in the World Cup competing to win. Ryan Kelley, LSN varsity soccer coach, has been watching the games and following the teams. The United States has had a record of two draws, two losses and one win, knocking them out of the World Cup.

   “I think that going into the World Cup, the USMNT was expected to be able to get to the knockout round, which they were able to accomplish,” Kelley said. 

   The USMNT performed well, and each player continued to play skillfully. Specific players carried the US to flourish in each game. 

   “Tyler Adams has been very key. He plays in the central midfield, and he has been our most consistent player so far. He does a good job helping us build up possession and is great at recovering defensively and winning the ball back for us,” Kelley said. 

   Many people share similar predictions on who they think will win the World Cup. 

   “I do think that in the end, it will come down to France vs. Brazil in the final, and I will be pulling for Brazil to win it all if that happens,” Kelley said. 

   As the FIFA World Cup progresses, more people continue to follow the games and stay up to date on their team’s progress.