Scholar Bowl Hosts Successful Tournament

Story & Graphic by Mia Gatti – Feature/Sports Editor

 The LSN scholar bowl team hosted a tournament this past weekend for a fundraiser for their program. They worked hard to make sure the tournament for the 30 teams ran smoothly. Joey Spicer, varsity coach for the North team, made sure the tournament was organized the entire eight-hour day. Scholar Bowl is a very hard trivia activity that these students spend a lot of time preparing for.

   “It is a club we have at North where kids come together and answer trivia questions as quickly and as precisely as we can,” Matthew Allen, junior, said. 

   Scholar Bowl is not an easy activity and it requires a lot of time and commitment.

   “We have practices Mondays and Wednesdays after school for an hour where we get together and go through a series of questions that have been in previous tournaments, or could be in future tournaments, and we just practice as many questions as we can,” Allen said. 

   St. Joe Central took home the win last weekend for the varsity bracket, but there was a lot of tough competition in this tournament. In addition to answering tough questions, there are many fun aspects of scholar bowl that are enjoyed by its members.

   “I love being able to spend time with everyone there to see them and spend the day with them, it is also cool to hear the questions and learn new trivia,” Allen said.

   Anyone interested in being a part of this great activity to get involved at North should consider joining Scholar Bowl next year!!!