Marching Into the Future

Story by Mia Fuller – News Editor

 Along with the football season ending, LSN’s marching band also saw the end of its season on November 27th at the football state championship. For some students like Jade Fraizer, senior, it was their last time polishing off their instruments as they prepare to graduate this spring. With the season over Frazier has taken the chance to reflect on their time in marching band. Frazier has been playing music since fifth grade and has been in marching band since her freshman year. Frazier’s experience in middle school is what originally pushed her to join marching band. 

   “… I liked it in middle school…. [and] preparing for it [marching band] in high school is a really fun experience,” Frazier said.

   Frazier, for the most part, had a great experience in marching band, whether it was playing at football games, making new friends, and more. The constantly changing weather of Missouri did sometimes pose some difficulties for Frazier though, with some days being sweltering hot and the next day being briskly cold. Despite the spotty weather Frazier would join marching band again in the future if the opportunity comes up. Overall, Frazier appreciates her time in marching band and all the friends and memories that she has made along the way. 

   “…it such a cool experience like its all about teamwork and getting to know each other, [and] having a bond that makes marching band feel more like a family,” Frazier said. 

Photo Courtesy of Kris and Darryl Hicks