A Look Into Mr. Gerding’s Holiday Plans

Story & Graphic by Mia Gatti – Sports/Feature Editor


    Christmas Break is around the corner and Chris Gerding, science teacher, has big plans for the holiday season with his family. Movies, gingerbread houses, and lots of food are just a few fun things they like to do.

      “We host Christmas Eve at our house, we have a lot of family that comes over and we have a big appetizer party. We have family that comes in town from Milwaukee and around here for Christmas Eve, we get together and hang out,” Gerding said. 

   His family loves the holidays and enjoys their time spent together.

   “We watch a lot of movies, my favorite Christmas movie is “Christmas Vacation.” Our big tradition is always hosting, and the kids in our family get together and have a big baking day at my house,” Gerding said. 

   The holidays are full of traditions and time spent with family and friends, and the Gerding household is ready to celebrate.