LSN Offensive Tackle Named All American

Story by Abbey Euritt – Staff Reporter

   Lee’s Summit North offensive tackle, Cayden Green, recently got rewarded with the All-American title, leaving LSN football fans proud. Being an All-American player is a big accomplishment, with benefits, such as playing on live television.

   “They fly you out to Orlando for a week, and then you practice for four days and play on ESPN,” Green said. 

   The title is rewarded with the opportunity of playing against the other chosen football players in an All-American jersey.

   “We get the jersey they put up, and the overall experience,” Green said. 

   The All-American title, being a big accomplishment, has led Green to share gratitude towards those who helped him achieve it.

   “My parents, and coach of course, have helped me out a lot,” Green said. 

   After the hard work, and motivation from his peers, Cayden Green’s All-American accomplishment is well deserved, and very admired by other Broncos.


Photo courtesy of LSN Activities