Damar Hamlin Update

Story & Graphic by Mia Fuller – News Editor

    There are moments in football that can never be forgotten, whether it be for better or worse. The first Super Bowl in 1967. On November 18th, 1985 football player when Joe Theisman suffered a grave leg injury, ending his career. Alex Smith suffering the exact same injury 33 years later. The world held its breath one more time when Damar Hamlin, Bills safety, suffered cardiac arrest on the field after being hit in the chest. For days thousands of people around the nation wished for Damar Hamlin’s recovery, and nine days after the injury on January 11th, Hamlin was released from the hospital. Andrew Allen, senior, and avid football fan gave his thoughts on Damar Hamlin’s story and what it means for the future of football. 

   “I watched Hamlin’s injury live and it was absolutely horrifying….I am glad that he got the care when he did because I think that may have been the only thing that truly saved his life,” Allen said. 

   Much to everyone’s relief Hamlin was released from the hospital nine days after his tragic accident. Though despite his recovery and release, the mood of the rest of the season will be different, especially for the Bills. 

   “Hamlin’s injury makes the Bills drive greater than just the team, they are now fighting for him…. the Bills will be entering these games with the belief of a greater purpose,” Allen said. 

   Despite the graveness of Hamlin’s injury Allen is not hopeful that the NFL’s medical procedures and rules will change anytime soon due to past inaction with other serious medical injuries. 

   “While we are rivals on the field, I give my best wishes to the Bills players… [and] Damar for a speedy and safe recovery,” Allen said. 

   Only time will tell if the Bills and Hamlin continue to see success as the Bills return to the field on Sunday, January 22nd.