LSN Cheer Legacy Continues

Story by Abbey Euritt – Staff Reporter

   The Lee’s Summit North Cheer team has created a school legacy in the state competitions from previous years. Continuing the legacy, the cheer team won the state title this year, leaving coach, Ashley Forte, and the team with pride. 

   “It feels so good to know that all of the sweat, blood, and tears (literally) are all worth it in the end when we can celebrate that milestone as a team,” Forte said. 

   LSN cheer’s state accomplishments continue to grow as the years progress, adding onto the legacy tremendously.

   “North Varsity Cheer has gone to state 17 times and we have placed in the top 10, 17 times. North Varsity Cheer has won state 8 times; In the years: 2004, 2005, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2022,” Forte said.

   The hard work put in from the cheerleaders through the months of the season is reassured through every accomplishment they earn. 

   “Making it to state represents the dedication and discipline they have shown leading up to competition. Cheer is all year round, we cheer for volleyball, football and basketball. Our competition season runs from June-December in the midst of a busy fall sports schedule,” Forte said. 

   The LSN cheer team puts in hard work each season to achieve their State Championship goals. Elizabeth Songer, sophomore, has competed at the MCCA State championship both years she has attended LSN. For Songer, the State Championship experience is worth the training, and work the team puts in. 

   “Winning State is such an indescribable feeling. You have spent weeks and weeks of your life to complete for just two minutes and thirty seconds. Super early morning practices all summer, and staying up late because of practices and school all seem worth it when you hear your name called,” Songer said. 

   The legacy of LSN Cheer continues to expand as the title was reclaimed this year. 

   “Winning State has brought a huge legacy to LSN Varsity Cheer. As we have finally reclaimed our title, there were multiple years that we won in a row and it means the world to this team to return the title to North of State Champions,” Songer said. 

   For all the members of the LSN cheer team, the state legacy is a large part of the team. Winning state in the 2022 competition expanded the lasting legacy of LSN, leaving coaches, and cheerleaders with fulfillment. 


Photo courtesy LSN Activities Twitter