The Chiefs bring home the Lombardi trophy once again

Story & Graphic by Mia Gatti – Sports/Feature Editor


   Super Bowl LVII was a success for the Kansas City Chiefs. A hard-fought game turned into a victory resulting in the Lombardi trophy being brought back to KC for the 2nd time in four years!! 

   “It was so awesome when they won! I was really excited,” Bailey Passanisi, sophomore, said. 

To celebrate this achievement all students and teachers in the LSR7 school district get the day off from school and work to celebrate by attending the Super Bowl parade. The parade consists of seeing the players as the team makes their victory lap through downtown KC. Fans also get to hear from all of them as they describe how it felt to bring home the trophy.

   “On Wednesday I am going to the parade with my friends, and I am excited to see all of the players,” Passanisi said. 

   This is a special time for all Kansas City Chiefs fans as everyone is excited for many more successful seasons to come. With great team chemistry and work ethic from all players, Chiefs fans are counting down till the 2023-2024 season!!