Staff receives comp day on Friday, March 17

Story & Graphic by Lily Temple – Assistant Editor

   As most students know, we have the day off on Friday, March 17th. What students may not know is that high school teachers also have the day off.

   “March 17th is a comp day for high school teachers that had to work Spring Enrollment Conferences for two nights in February. The reason other teachers don’t is because they did not have to do Spring Enrollment Conferences,” Sarah Graff, assistant principal, said. 

   High school teachers had to work a week of very long hours during February for Spring Enrollment Conferences. It only seems fair that they get a day off.

   “I think it’s fantastic [that we get the day off]! We work really hard and we deserve it,” Matt Bolch, English teacher, said.

   No matter how teachers spend their day off, it is always nice to have a break.

   “It’s Saint Patrick’s day so I’m sure there will be some kind of shenanigans that I do,” Bolch said.

   So, high school students and teachers, enjoy your day off on March 17th!