NHS Induction Ceremony For Current Juniors

Story & Graphic by Abby Langle – Editor-in-Chief

 On Wednesday, March 15th the National Honor Society (NHS) will hold a ceremony to welcome new members. It will be held in the PAC for current juniors whose membership was accepted in February. There will be 93 juniors getting inducted at the event.

   The ceremony will be about 45 minutes long. During that time students and families will learn about the four pillars of NHS – Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Character. The audience will also be given a brief history of NHS at Lee’s Summit North and of course, see their child walk across the stage and become an official member of National Honor Society.

   “Students will offer an oath committing to uphold the central pillars of NHS and then will hear more about these pillars from our senior officers.  Dr. Collins and I will address the students and their guests about the importance of NHS to the school.  Students names’ will be read, and they will receive their membership card and pin before signing a membership book that holds the names of all members inducted into NHS since the opening of Lee’s Summit North High School,” Sarah Courtney, NHS sponsor, said.

   Since this is a big event and they want to make it very special for the new members and families, the organization needs a lot of help from current NHS members to pull it off. 

   “Our current NHS Officers – Ashlyn Bandelier, Hayden Davies, Sasha Plowman, Leyton Porterfield, and Kennedy McEnany – will address guests and new members by explaining to them the four pillars of NHS during a candle-lighting ceremony on stage.  Our President, Ashlyn Bandelier, will also guide our new members through the member’s oath. In addition to our sponsors and our officers, we also have some current senior members who have helped with preparing in advance for and volunteering during the ceremony.  We have students who will help organize junior inductees ahead of the ceremony, distribute programs,  run the lights and audio for the ceremony, and host a reception after the event.  It takes an entire team to host an event of this size, and we’re grateful to have so many people willing to help out with Induction,” Courtney said.

   This is a very special night for these students. Families get to celebrate students and watch them succeed as they go into their senior year of high school.

   “It gives families and loved ones an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of these students!  These students have maintained a consistent record of academic success, leadership, character, and community service during their time as high school students, and the induction ceremony is an opportunity to recognize this as the students prepare to begin their senior years,” Courtney said.

   Becoming a member of NHS is no easy feat. Students and their families have good reason to be proud and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment that takes place this week.