Fashion Club

Story & Graphic by Mia Gatti- Feature/Sports Editor

 Many people might not know that Fashion Club is new to LSN this school year. It is a great way to meet new people, gain more knowledge about fashion and express yourself in many ways! This new club was started by Ms. Owens, our new science teacher at North. This is a passion of her own that she wanted to share with many other people. 

   “First, the purpose of the Fashion Club is to promote a sense of personal style and confidence. I decided to start a Fashion Club because I ABSOLUTELY LOVE fashion! I have always had a love for fashion as a young girl and during high school, I was voted “Best dressed”. I developed a love for fashion from my beloved Mom who was very fashionable. Furthermore, I noticed that many students at North seemed to have a sense of style as well and this also sparked the start of the Fashion Club,” Owens said. 

   Fashion Club also holds fundraisers and clothing drives to give back to the community, any help they can provide is the goal. 

   “The Fashion Club’s goals are to host several clothing donation drives to give items to local shelters in the area, participate in community service projects, and attend fashion show events around the state. (As a matter of fact we attended KC Fashion Week on March 10th (2023)). Other goals are to invite speakers from fashion industries/ platforms to expand members’ knowledge about fashion, and participate in upcoming school events [with fashion shows] at pep rallies, school assemblies, sporting events, etc. throughout the school year,” Owens said.

   Anyone is welcome in Fashion Club at LSN. Fashion Clubs wants people interested and excited to be a part of the group! If you are interested in Fashion Club or want to learn more about it, contact Ms. Owens with any questions you may have!!