Women’s History Class at LSN

Story & Graphic by Mia Fuller – News Editor

  As Women’s History Month draws to a close it is important to recognize the class that celebrates and recognizes women’s history in America the whole school year. Just this year Sarah Courtney, US Women’s History teacher, and Jennifer Mooney started a US Women’s History class for all those who are interested in learning about the important and often overlooked role women have played in the story of the United States. Courtney and Mooney started the class after seeing despite the interest of many students, that there was no class on the topic. 

  “Ms. Mooney and I have been talking for years about the topics that interest our students and are unfortunately absent from a lot of our curriculum.  Women’s History is one of these topics, so we found out that a class had been started at LSHS several years ago, and we decided to try to offer it at LSN,” Courtney said. 

   Despite the class only being in its first year at LSN, it has been a flourishing success, with two semester-long classes filled with students passionate about learning about the important roles of women in our country. The class has been such a success that Courtney’s class next year already has enough students to help the class continue on running at LSN for what is hopefully years to come. 

   One of the most important things Courtney believes her class teaches is that the women who were the first or only one to do and achieve these amazing things are not the only ones deserving of recognition, they are a facet of the millions of women who have helped shaped and grow America into what it is today. Something that Courtney hopes for her future Women’s History classes is to provide any student the chance to learn about a less familiar, but just as important part of  United States history. 

   “My hope is that we continue to have the opportunity to introduce Broncos to parts of our country’s history that are less familiar to them – in this case the story of women in the country!  I truly believe that we become better versions of ourselves when we develop an understanding of the struggles and successes of those who shaped the world we live in,” Courtney said. 

   In short, the new US Women’s History class is a valuable opportunity for students to learn and celebrate the role of women in America for not only a month but the whole year.