Lee’s Summit Steps Towards the Future

Story & Photo by Bailee Council – Entertainment Editor

  Throughout the years, Lee’s Summit has expanded and evolved, adding new businesses while taking out the old. Stores like Macy’s, Paradise Park, and recently Bed Bath & Beyond closed. A big part of this occurred during the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, causing some businesses to close and some never to reopen.

   As businesses close, new ones grab the attention of community members and students. In the past few years coffee shops, restaurants, apartments, attractions, and recently the new middle school have been added to Lee’s Summit, allowing so many others to make Lee’s Summit home. 

   “I think that Lee’s Summit could be improved with more community events. Everyone always gets excited when Octoberfest and Downtown Days come around, and it’s always so cool to see local businesses get so much community support. I think that we should have events like that more often with live music and food trucks,” Hailey Hilbert, English teacher said.

   More ways to bring the community together and show appreciation to small businesses. Along with cleaning up the streets, from the potholes to the miles of trash along the highway Lee’s Summit. Many people have mentioned wanting to see more locations of their favorite places like First Watch and Trader Joe’s, along with a drive-in and even some high-brand stores in Lee’s Summit.

   “I would want to open some type of very fresh-feeling lunch spot type of restaurant for people since we have so many coffee shops already, I wouldn’t want to compete with that. It would have all the good and natural foods, and drinks/smoothies instead of coffee,” Regan Connole, sophomore, said.

   As Lee’s Summit expands and takes steps to the future, with minds full of ideas on how our community could be a better place people are excited to see what is in store for the years to come.