Dance Team prepares for annual Mr. Bronco performance

Story & Graphic by Areesa Steele – Social Media Editor

 Mr. Bronco is an annual event hosted by the dance team. Toward the end of the year, the senior class has the opportunity to nominate the funniest boys in their grade. The top ten selected get to participate in Mr. Bronco. During the Mr. Bronco show, they have many different parts they compete in.

  “The boys compete in the sportswear, talent, and eveningwear and a panel of teachers and students choose who is awarded the title of Mr. Bronco. The boys also perform an opening number with the Northern Star Dance Team,” Shelley McCain, dance team coach, said.

  Mr. Bronco is not easy to get into. The voting of who will be Mr. Bronco depends on who the seniors think is the funniest. The boys will then be approved by the administration. Once they get approved, they will have certain days to practice and master what they will be doing for the performance.

  “They have about 11-12 practices with the dance team to learn the opening number,” McCain said.

  Mr. Bronco is not just about the opening number that they get to perform. It is also all of the other events that they get to participate in. For the other events, they have to use their imagination. That is what makes the Mr. Bronco participants so special.

  “For their individual events, they use their imaginations, local goodwill, and friends to help them prepare for their sportswear, talent, and eveningwear events,” McCain said.

  The actual Mr. Bronco performance is April 28 and admission is $7.00 at the door or online. Come and cheer on your favorite Mr. Bronco candidate.