LSR7 Visits Grand Tetons

Story & Photo by Abbey Euritt – Co-Assitant Editor/Sports Editor

  Over the summer, the Lee’s Summit School District took students to the Grand Tetons, located in Wyoming. A group of students and chaperones attended the trip, and got to see the beauty of the Tetons for a week. The trip included activities, including hiking, seeing sights in different locations, and a day in Yellowstone. One of the chaperones, Kelly Lepert, science teacher, has now attended the Teton Science School trip for three years. 

   “The Teton Science School Trip is where the district takes students from all three high schools out to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone area to experience science that we can only talk about here in the classroom,” Lepert said. 

   While staying at the Teton Science School, students went “phone free” for the week to experience the view and nature firsthand. 

   “My favorite part of the trip was seeing students disconnect from their phones and actually experience nature, and the things they haven’t seen before,” Lepert said. 

   Throughout the week trip, many sights and memorable things were seen, giving students and chaperons favorable moments about the trip. 

   “We did several hikes in the Grand Teton area; there was a hike to Taggart Lake, and a hike near Jenny Lake that ended at Hidden Falls. We spent a whole day in Yellowstone experiencing Grand Prismatic and Old Faithful,” Lepert said. 

   With all the activities and views those on the trip got to experience, Norah Mason, junior, had a few of her favorites as well. 

   “I will probably remember the hikes, how pretty they were, and seeing the [Grand] Tetons in person,” Mason said.

   A memorable experience for many was the day spent at Yellowstone, seeing many things for the first time. 

   “Going to Yellowstone and seeing all the Geysers and hot springs was so cool,” Mason said. 

   The week trip to the Grand Tetons taken by LSR7 students, filled with extraordinary views, activities, and memories, seemed to be a success for everyone.