Start of the 2023 Girls Volleyball Season

Story by Areesa Steele – Editor-in-Chief


Fall sports are in full swing. One of the many popular fall sports at Lee’s Summit North is girls’ volleyball. Volleyball has been doing an outstanding job achieving some of their goals. Even though they are only a month into the season, this hasn’t stopped the team from growing.

 “[We are working on] team chemistry,” Kylie Sibbing, junior, said.

 Volleyball is one of the many sports that rely on communication and chemistry when playing their games. Even outside of their games and practice, it is still important for them to have chemistry. At practice, working on their chemistry and talking on the court is key to having a successful team.

 “Our record is currently 2-5,” Sibbing said.

Even though the volleyball team’s record is not the best right now, it does not mean that they won’t be able to come back and fight for wins. The team has some very strong players who show great potential but are also looking for ways to improve the team as a whole. Even when they have their lows, the team is there for one another and makes it a much more positive experience.       

 “Getting to hang out with the girls at practice because it’s a really fun time,” Carter Harrington, junior said.

 Many of the girls on the team are close friends. It is important for them to enjoy the sport and the time they get to spend with their teammates. One of the key things in volleyball and in many sports is the support of the team.

 “We’re all hyping each other up and we’re all friends so it’s nice,” Sibbing said.

  If it was not for the team hyping each other up while playing, the volleyball team would not be a true team. When preparing for the season the girls all participated in summer conditioning at LSN. Many fall sports are required to participate in the training for the upcoming season. Some of the girls on the team view the other LSR7 schools as their biggest competition.

  “Lee’s Summit West is our toughest competitor,” Sibbing said.

  The girls decided that it was best for them to work on their communication and chemistry to win those tough games. The girls on the team want to be able to grow throughout the season and do good as time goes on.

Photo by Isabelle Flood-Staff Reporter