Welcome to the Red Kingdom

Story by Isabelle Flood – Staff Reporter

   Smell the salty soft pretzels and the sugary cotton candy, hear the screams of the fans after a touchdown, and enjoy all that the Kansas City Chiefs have to offer at Arrowhead Stadium.

   Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, and the rest of their team are coming off their Super Bowl-winning season and everyone is wondering what this next season will hold. Fans are excited to see their favorite players back on the field. 

   “We have never had a player like Patrick Mahomes and it is so much fun watching him, ” Brad Ralston, science teacher, said. 

   Although people are excited to see the team playing together again, they are also excited about watching the games from home.

   “I like all of the games and watching them at home with my family and sometimes we have parties,” Brooke Winkle, sophomore, said.

   Not only do the Chiefs players work well on the field, but they also work well in the community. On Feb. 6, KC Wolf went to Sunset Valley Elementary School to celebrate the Chiefs getting to the Superbowl. NFL teams are seen in the community very often. The NFL sponsors youth flag football leagues that some players or coaches occasionally make appearances at. The Chiefs have many programs such as families and child support programs and health and wellness programs. 

   “I think in general the NFL teams do a pretty good job of trying to get them out there and doing different things,” Ralston said. 

   The Kansas City area has a lot of spirit. When a game rolls around, everyone is ready to tailgate and dress in their best Chiefs gear. LSN does a few Chiefs spirit days throughout the season to support the players, but Winkle has some ideas for what else could be added.

   “On every Friday instead of crimson and silver, we do bright red,” Winkle said. 

   The season’s first game was September 7, and it ended in a loss for the Chiefs. Even though the game’s results were not what fans were hoping for, many still had watch parties.

   “My kids will want to get balloons and have like a little watch party,” Ralston said.

   The Detroit Lions were a tough opponent, but there are more games around the corner. Daccota Stamback, freshman, is excited to see the Bills play the Chiefs in week 14. 

   “I always feel like it is a close game…they are both really good teams,” Stamback said.

   Even though the Chiefs are coming off of a loss, fans have high expectations for this season and are looking forward to seeing their favorite team back in action every Sunday evening. 


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Freeborn